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The New Room Network

Welcome to the online launch pad of the New Room Network. 

The New Room Network is a voluntary association of likeminded Christians (clergy and lay) from all over the world and across a broad range of denominations and movements to band together under the banner of a classic Wesleyan approach to Gospel of Jesus Christ and to sow for a Great Awakening in our time. 

It is not a church but rather a resource for the church. The Network will resource:

Covenant Faithfulness
• A Global Call to Travailing Prayer
• High Bar Micro-Community Discipleship 
• Local, Regional, National and International Conferencing
• And more, as the Lord provides the vision

Like the early Methodist Societies, the New Room will be a high bar, low barrier network. Members will be challenged, encouraged, and built-up. We will charge no dues or fees, yet we will call for high investment. All Hands. All Hearts. All In.

If your heart is as our heart, give us your hand. 


Join us at New Room Conference
September 21-23, 2016  in Franklin, TN

A look at the last New Room Conference

"Thinking a lot about the #newroomconf this morning. What a great event. Thanks to @OfficialSeedbed for reminding me of many reasons to hope." 

— Andrew C. Thompson, ThD 

"I'm going to look back in 50 years and remember this week's New Room Conference as the change in trajectory of life and finding a home." 
— Pierce Drake 

"It's going to take months to process everything that went on at the #newroomconf. Thanks, @OfficialSeedbed for an amazing experience!" 
— Forrest Deviney 

"New Room Conference has been awesome and challenging in so many ways. It has been a blessing seeing the Holy Spirit work and move in the hearts of so many. 'The things which unite us are ever so much stronger than the things which divide us.' #gospel" 
— Joel Mooneyhan 

"Thanks for hosting New Room Conference. You've rekindled my love for our Wesleyan tradition."
 — Lisa Yebuah 

"I leave this conference hopefully, gratefully … reminded that I am not alone. In fact, far from it, I feel surrounded. In my spirit, I am hearing Elijah on the mountain, saying to God, 'I alone am left,' while God says, 'To the contrary, there are thousands in the valley waiting for you. Get to work.'" 
— Carolyn Moore 

"If there is a theme to New Room Conference, it is about the recovery of a full Wesleyan understanding of sanctification with a large (very large) dose of movement (work) of the Holy Spirit. These folks are deeply serious about genuine discipleship and deep allegiance to Jesus Christ as Lord. The focus is worldwide and not just a North American-centric vision." 
— Bishop Mike Lowry